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Flight Nurse Job Purpose: The function of the flight nurse is to provide high quality critical nursing care including assessment, triage, and treatment utilizing standards and guidelines established by Bismarck Air Medical, LLC; assess the nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize the care needed for safe transport of the critical patient to the appropriate facility; provide care for patients across the life span in his/her assigned critical area; be responsible for carrying out the mission and goals of Bismarck Air Medical, LLC assuring that safety remains the highest priority throughout the transport continuum.

Reports to:  Chief Flight Nurse Manager/Educator


  1. Associate or Bachelor of Nursing
  2. Current unencumbered license as Registered Nurse in the State of ND or compact
  3. BLS for Health Care Provider Certification
  4. ACLS Certification
  5. PALS Certification
  6. NRP
  7. TNCC Certification, or equivalent, or working to achieve certification within 1 year
  8. CCRN or CFRN is highly encouraged
  9. Prior transport experience is highly encouraged
  10. Prior experience as EMT or Paramedic is highly encouraged


Experience: At least 1-year critical care &/or ER nursing experience with critical care experience preferable, discretion by administration as needed

  1.    Flight Nurse Job Duties:

A.  Responds to all required urgent or emergent calls to provide efficient and immediate care to the ill, critically ill, and injured.  


B.   Transport via aircraft and or other life support units and perform medical evaluations and treatment within scope of practice. This includes but not limited to: IV therapy, medication administration, use of pressors, use of cardiac hemodynamic monitoring pressure lines, use of cardiac monitor, pacemaker, defibrillator, ventilator, IABP and other equipment as trained.


 C. Perform pre-hospital care according to Scope of Practice and/or course learned materials, Standing Orders and/or Physician Orders, Bismarck Air Medical, LLC Clinical Guidelines, and according to requirements of the Medical Director.

D.   Establish and maintain communications to the referring and receiving facility or scene per policy guidelines.

E.   Maintain a positive work atmosphere. Must be able to communicate and behave in a manner that gets along with the public, patients and their families, co-workers, and personnel involved in the health care field.

F.   Responsible to inspect equipment to maintain readiness at first available opportunity. Check flight gear and replace needed equipment per policy.

G.  Work to keep all life support aircraft in safe, clean, and orderly condition.

H.   Complete all PCR forms as indicated in a neat and timely fashion.

I.      Maintain accurate records of patient and care rendered.

J.   Distribute patient data to appropriate personnel in receiving facility.

K.   Contact Deputy Chief or Nurse Manager/Educator regarding concerns and situations beyond your control.

L.  Understand appropriate radio procedures.

M.  Maintain neat appearance and observe professional ethics.

N.  Responsible for filling out time-cards for each shift worked and totaling after each work week. Notifies EMS & Administrative Operations Manager of total hours via protocol.


5. Personal Requirements:

A. Must display evidence of good health.

B. Must possess ability to lift and carry stretcher with patient.

C. Must display motor coordination in administering care to the critically ill and injured.

D. Must demonstrate emotional stability, psychological adaptability, and tact in dealing with a variety of patients.

E. Show good judgement under stress.


F. Must demonstrate the ability to give and receive verbal and written directions and instructions.


G. Must maintain a professional appearance, appropriate grooming and complete uniform.


6. Special Qualifications:

A. Must be able to adapt to a variety of working conditions.

B. Must remain proficient with all procedures in the SOP’s. Will pass competencies’ process to ensure high standard of care for transports. Must possess dexterity and physical coordination in carrying, lifting, extrication, and climbing.

C. Maintain skill level designated by Bismarck Air Medical, LLC through required education, training, and in-service.

D. Must attend at a minimum 50% of the scheduled BAM meetings each calendar year. Responsible for approved hours of call per month and one Holiday per year.

E. Respond as instructed for flight duty within twenty minutes or within a timely, safe fashion when notified of flight mission.


F. Wear and maintain a flight suit uniform as designated by Bismarck Air Medical, LLC.


G. Will complete an Air Transportation Course within 2 years of the implementation of that course.


Job Responsibilities Related to Patient Privacy


•     The employee is expected to protect the privacy of all patient information in accordance with Bismarck Air Medical, LLC and Metro-Area Ambulance Service Inc.'s privacy policies, procedures and practices, as required by state and federal Law and in accordance with general principles of professionalism as a health care provider.

•     The employee may access protected health information and other patient information only to the extent that is necessary to complete their job duties. The employee may only share such information with those who have a need to know specific patient information you have in your possession to complete their job responsibilities related to treatment, payment or other company operations.

•     The employee is expected to actively participate in the company privacy training and is required to communicate privacy policy information to coworkers, students, patients and others in accordance with Bismarck Air Medical, LLC and Metro Ambulance Service, Inc. policies on patient privacy.

  • The employee is encouraged and expected to report, without the threat or retaliation, any concerns regarding the Company's policies and procedures on patient privacy and any observed practices and in violation of that policy to the designated Privacy Officer. Failure to comply with Privacy Policies may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment with Metro-Area Ambulance Service Inc.

This description is not intended to be all-inclusive, and the education/quality assurance controller will also perform other reasonably related business duties assigned byadministration, administrative assistant, or the medical director as required.

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Medical Transport

Bismarck Air Medical can fly in most weather conditions and are ready to deploy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport your patients to anywhere in the region, or any location in the continental United States.

The combination RN and Paramedic team can manage central lines, balloon pumps, ventilated sedated patients, and more to provide our patients the best possible continuity of critical care required to transport the patient safely to a definitive care facility.

Bismarck Air Medical has configured our flight staff to provide the most affordable quality of care for your patients.

The comfort of having family along side during urgent illness or injury can be priceless. Bismarck Air Medical encourages family participation. We can allow a family member to fly along when possible at no additional cost.

We are proud to deploy both the Beechcraft King Air 200 and a King Air 90

With updated avionic equipment, Bismarck Air Medical can fly in most weather conditions. The King Airs are maintained and dedicated as air ambulances ready to deploy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport your patients anywhere in the region or to any location in the continental United States.


From patient to passenger, safety is our number one priority! Bismarck Air Medical is dedicated to provide responsive, compassionate, high quality emergent out of hospital patient care and continuity of critical care during transportation of the sick and injured. We achieve this by accepting the challenge and responsibility of maintaining the highest standards of excellence in Emergency Medical Services for your patient.


Please Call 877-367-4BAM for your One Call Air Med™ Fixed Wing Critical Care Transfer Service.


For our billing office, call toll free 1-877-636-6361 or email us at


Call us today! 800-441-1310

Who We Are

Bismarck Air Medical has been providing skilled and safe air medical transports for more than 15 years, and has now expanded our services to include On Demand Charter.

Our pilots complete flight proficiency checks every 6 months and are held to the same standard as any captain flying for an airline.

Our maintenance and ground support services are provided by Bismarck Aero Center.  Their factory-trained technicians maintain our aircraft to standards that meet or exceed the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and the aircraft manufacturers




For your comfort and safety our aircraft:

·Have pressurized cabins. This allows us to fly at higher altitudes, for smoother rides, while keeping the cabin altitude at a comfortable level.  This system also has more efficient heating and cooling which provides comfortable cabin temperatures, no matter the season.

·Have turbine-powered engines. Turbine engines produce more power and are more reliable than piston-powered engines.

·Have updated avionics which provide our pilots with unmatched situational awareness, inflight weather, and the ability to conduct precision instrument approaches to smaller airports.

Have no expense spared on maintenance and work to exceed the requirements of the FAA and aircraft manufacturer by identifying and replacing parts well before it is required.


Your Time is Valuable

We understand it is difficult to justify the cost of charter. But a charter can turn a 7-hour drive for a 3-hour meeting into a morning in the office, a 3-hour meeting in the afternoon, and a supper at home with family or friends.

We fly where there is no commercial airline service

There are 3,306 general aviation airports in the United States, of which only 376 have airline service. Chances are the community you need to visit has an airport. This is also true of the suburbs of large metropolitan areas.

Make your travel schedule convenient

A charter will leave your schedule and arrive at an airport with an easy commute to your destination

Your charter will depart at a time that allows yo u to arrive at your meeting or event with time to spare and will return you home as quickly as you can make it back to the airport.

Our Aircrafts

Beechcraft King Air 200  
Cruise Speed: 320 MPH
Range with Full Fuel: 1465 Miles
Engines: 2 - 850 hp. Pratt & Whitney PT6 A-42 Turbo Prop
Passenger Configuration: 9 passengers plus pilot
Medical Configuration: 1 Patient, 2 Family Members, Pilot & Medical Team


Beechcraft King Air C90  
Cruise Speed: 250 MPH
Range with Full Fuel: 1000 Miles
Engines: 2 - 550 hp. Pratt & Whitney PT6 A-21 Turbo Prop
Passenger Configuration: 7 passengers plus pilot
Medical Configuration: 1 Patient, 1 Family Members, Pilot & Medical Team


Cessna Conquest II  
Cruise Speed: 328 MPH
Range with Full Fuel: 1500 Miles
Engines: 2 - 1000 hp. Honey Well TPE-331-10 Turbo Prop
Passenger Configuration: 6 passengers plus pilot
Medical Configuration: 1 Patient, 1 Family Members, Pilot & Medical Team



Bismarck Air Medical will not surprise you with large balance billing statements. We participate with major companies in North Dakota as well as ND Workforce Safety and Insurance.

Call 877-367-4BAM today for a quote!



Bismarck Air Medical can fly in most weather conditions and are ready to deploy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transport your patients to anywhere in the region, or any location in the continental United States.

Bismarck Air Medical provide Critical Care Registered Nurse's with ICU or ER experience along with a specialty trained Paramedic to combine for a highly skilled team ready to take on the most challenging missions. 

The combination RN and Paramedic team can manage central lines, balloon pumps, ventilated sedated patients, and more to provide our patients the best possible continuity of critical care required to transport the patient safely to a definitive care facility.



Jonathan Ternes
Jonathan Ternes
Director of Flight Operations/Pilot
Ashley Dockter, RN, BSN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, TCRN
Ashley Dockter, RN, BSN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, TCRN
Chief Flight Nurse
RD Reimers
RD Reimers
Chief Pilot
Tyler Carson, NRP-FP-CCP,
Tyler Carson, NRP-FP-CCP,
Medical Operations Supervisor


Kerry McCoy, NRP, CCP
Kerry McCoy, NRP, CCP Flight Paramedic
Craig Comes, NRP, CC-P
Craig Comes, NRP, CC-P Flight Paramedic
Jennifer Murphy, NRP
Jennifer Murphy, NRP Flight Paramedic
Paul Koppinger, RN, BSN
Paul Koppinger, RN, BSN Flight Nurse
Kinzey Harrison, RN-BSN
Kinzey Harrison, RN-BSN Flight Nurse
Evan Krech, RN, BSN
Evan Krech, RN, BSN Flight Nurse
Barbie Hsu, RN-BSN
Barbie Hsu, RN-BSN Flight Nurse
Paul Peters, NRP
Paul Peters, NRP Flight Paramedic


Jeffrey Sieger
Jeffrey Sieger
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor
Joe Parsons
Joe Parsons
Shannon Henke
Shannon Henke

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